Branden Sorensen with His Younger Brother

Branden Sorensen on his dirt bike with his younger brother, Camren Sorensen.

Branden and Amanda Sorensen at a Go Kart Track

Branden and Amanda Sorensen at the go kart track.

Branden Sorensen Inside a Motorsports Trailer

Branden Sorensen inside his family’s motorsports trailer with his sister.

Branden with his Dad and Sister

Branden Sorensen is spending some time with his dad and sister. Some go karts are stacked up behind them.

Branden and Amanda Sorensen Riding their BMX Bikes

Branden and Amanda Sorensen riding their BMX bikes.

Branden Sorensen’s Pit Crew

Randy Sorensen is preparing Branden Sorensen for his kart race taking the position as a pit crew member.

Branden Sorensen and Amanda Sorensen

Branden Sorensen and his sister, Amanda Sorensen, are on their quads.

Branden Sorensen with his Mom and Sister

Branden Sorensen with his mom and sister and family.