Branden is a Las Vegas native, raised in the heat of the desert. He has spent many hours in the water and on the dirt. Athletic ability and competitive drive are two traits that Branden has demonstrated since he first learned to walk. He has been riding on either two or four wheels from the age of three and developed a love for riding in the desert and dunes. While traveling to participate in national events for each of his chosen sports, he has been able to excel to the top. He has a desire to be a winner.

At only 10 years old, Branden has a good understanding of mechanics and has even learned some of the basics of fabrication and to weld. He loves to work with his dad in the fabrication shop. He can often be found in there working on his quad, RC cars or his dirt bike. He has a desire to know how things work and will often research how to build or fix things on his own. Branden also excels academically. He is always at the top of his class and a straight A student, even though he often substitutes a race event or water sports competition for a day at school.

Branden Sorensen Go Kart RacingTRACK

Branden is no stranger to the podium. He began his competitive career at three years old racing BMX at the local track. Once he learned that he was supposed to be racing and stopped politely allowing the other kids to pass him he rose to the top of his class. He was standing at the top of the field in the regional events in no time, and by the age of five he made it to the final round at the USA BMX Grand Nationals with a 6th place finish, beating out the top 250 kids from across the nation.

With the racing concept down, Branden wanted to take it to the next level. At six years old he started competing in the Kid Kart division at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He loved the speed and the challenge of racing a full field of competitors. With each race his times improved and he became a regular on the podium. Branden broke many long standing track records and continued to raise the bar by bettering his record times. He found his way to the top in many regional and national events. In 2012 Branden dominated the track in the Kid Kart division at the 2-Cycle Grand Nationals. He took home the highly sought after Screaming Eagle Award for the fastest lap time of the event. He placed third in the main event after an accident in the final turn. Branden continued to move up through the ranks. As he advanced in skill he took the 2012 Cadet points championship in the Rotax Micro Max division.

branden-sorensen-trophy-kartRacing on pavement has been fun and rewarding, but Branden has been waiting for the day he would race in the dirt. He wanted to follow his dad, a 15 year veteran in offroad with multiple wins including the Mint 400. When he was five he started pre-running races with his dad and got his first trophy kart. Branden and his dad worked together to modify the controls and seat so he could reach to drive. It has been fun to run in the desert and the dunes, but now it is time to get serious about off road racing. Branden spends many non-series weekends at the local motocross track or racing WORCS on his quad and motorcycle. It is a physically demanding challenge that he has to keep in shape for. He has watched friends and heroes rise to the top of the TORC, and Lucas Racing Series. Trophy Kart racing is a stepping stone on the path to racing greatness and Branden will make it to the top. He is fortunate to have a family that supports him and a dad who will bring the best of everything to his racing team.


At the age of four, Branden took his first pull on a wakeboard. He loved it and would ride for as long as his parents would allow him to without going down. In his second season at five years old he started experimenting with the board and learned to do a few tricks. Then came wakesurfing. As time progressed, he was focused on preparing to compete and looked for training tools to make himself a better wakesurfer and wakeboarder. Branden would spend hours reading and watching videos so he could improve himself. He would strap on a board any time he could and attempt the tricks he wanted to master on the trampoline and other training boards. You will often find him working through the motions of his next attempt be it a simple switch or a front roll. Then he takes it to the water. Branden knows that he will not improve unless he puts the time in for practice. He is motivated to go places and top the podium.

branden-sorensen-first-place-arizona-wakesurf-openIn 2013 Branden competed in his first wakesurf competition, took 2nd place in spite of being the youngest overall competitor. In 2014 he advanced himself to 1st place, and qualified for the World Championship. His skill and style have caught the attention of the wakesurfing community. Multiple sponsorship opportunities have been presented to Branden and he is excited about his future in competitive wakesurfing and wakeboarding.



Branden Sorensen with his dadA WINNER

From a young age, Branden has shown discipline, desire, and determination to be the best at every thing he pursues. From schoolwork, to watersports, to racing he has been a top competitor in any event he enters. With the support of his family he continue to travel and compete at a high level on the track or in the water. Because of his love of being the best, he will keep working hard to win!