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Motocross Dirt Biking

Branden Sorensen is competing at Motocross on his dirt bike.

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Branden And His Sister Are Trophy Kart Racing

Branden and Amanda Sorensen are competing in trophy kart racing on the short course tracks.

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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Look how caked with Mud Branden’s trophy kart is!

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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series
What a mud fest with all the rain! Branden Sorensen worked his way up from 17th to 8th place. A nice top 10 finish! Lake Elsinore here we come!

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Branden Sorensen at LOORS 2014

Branden Sorensen at LOORS 2014.

Branden Sorensen’s Trophy Kart Jump

Branden Sorensen’s Trophy Kart jump at LOORS 2014.

Trophy Kart Drifting LOORS 2014

Branden Sorensen is drifting his Trophy Kart on the track.

Trophy Kart Wrap

The new trophy kart wrap for Branden Sorensen!

Trophy Kart Asset


Advanced kart class utilizing 250cc or 450cc motorcycle motors
Drivers ages 10-15
48 Horsepower
13″ Front wheel travel limit
19″ Rear wheel travel limit
73″ Maximum wheelbase
58″ Maximum track width
815 lbs. Minimum weight, including driver
Modified Kart numbers 500-599


2013 Myles Cheek
2012 Myles Cheek
2011 Mitchell Dejong
2010 Mitchell Dejong
2009 Sheldon Creed

Branden Sorensen with His Younger Brother

Branden Sorensen on his dirt bike with his younger brother, Camren Sorensen.